The Return of Ulysses – an Odyssey

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The journey of the opera Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria is much longer and nearly as arduous as that of its eponymous hero, containing as many twists and turns as the islands between Troy and Ulysses’s homeland of Ithaca.   It is based on the second half of the Odyssey, itself a remnant from pre-classical oral […] {more}

What a director does, or, “Yes, this is actually my job”

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Many people have asked me, “What does a director do?”  The question is a good one.  When you go to the theatre you are presented with a spectacle that has both visual and aural components combining to tell a story.  What that story is and how it’s executed is the work of a director with […] {more}

Casting table

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Herewith some thoughts on the casting process, in which I pull back the curtain of mystery, slightly. Opera companies do casting in a lot of different ways. At the highest level, they don’t hold “auditions” as such, mostly casting people they know, or who the decision-makers have heard in other companys’ productions, or who have […] {more}

What’s in a name Part I (or, gestational periods)

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Welcome to our new site and to our new blog. Thanks to Joel Herold of OperaPulse for the design work, and I hope you find the site easy to navigate. One of the features of our new site is this blog, in which this will hopefully be the first of many posts from myself as […] {more}